University of Virginia

Who is Getting Squeezed?

A recent study on college perceptions contained an interesting finding, an example of Positive Illusion as it applies to college. See if this sounds familiar to your situation.

Only twenty-eight percent of respondents believe that the vast majority of qualified, motivated students have the opportunity to attend college. In other words, college is so expensive it is out of reach of far too many kids. Read on: Ninety percent of these same parents of high school students believe that their child is going to college!

How can those both be true? College is out of reach for everyone else but their own kids? Perhaps what is going on here is that parents hope that somehow their own kids are going to college, even if they see that it is far too expensive for most families.

Fortunately, there is something proactive parents can do. Click Start A Conversation to find out what.

The report is titled Squeeze Play 2010 and it was put out by the Public Agenda and the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education.