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The College Companion:

The best advice we can give on planning to pay for college is to start early! For parents of high school students, that means as early as sophomore year. We’ll help you understand what lies ahead and teach you the rules of the game so you can use them to your advantage.

Having a plan to pay for college looks different for each family.  There are many sources for general information, but your family’s situation is not general – it’s yours! We’ll help figure out the college funding strategies that may be appropriate for your particular family situation.

Some of the items we cover include: 

  • Sticker Price vs. Net Price Calculations
  • Finding Merit Aid and Need-based Aid
  • Maximizing Aid with Multiple Children
  • College Selection Strategies for the Most Aid
  • Understanding and Reducing Your EFC
  • Education Tax Benefits
  • 529 Plans
  • How Grandparents can best help paying for college
  • Understanding loan and alternative payment options
  • Financial Aid Package Analysis
  • FAFSA assistance
  • How divorce and separation impact what you pay
You will work one-on-one with our Director, Jonathan West, to discuss your situation and determine the appropriate strategies.  We also provide ongoing support throughout  your family’s high school and college years by phone and email.

Student Loan Repayment Strategies:  As if starting out after college wasn’t challenging enough, the government gives you six months to choose your repayment plan? Where do you go for advice? What about public service jobs and loan forgiveness options? What if you don’t have a job yet? Our Student Loan Repayment Strategy session will go over your loans and your situation and give you specific suggestions to be sure your loan repayment is aligned with your needs and you are taking advantage of all the programs available to help you.

Cash flow coaching:  We work with you to increase your savings, strengthen your credit, and understand your employee benefits to make your financial situation manageable. Those dreams you have for the future won’t just happen on their own. We’ve got the tools and the guidance to show you how to achieve them without sacrificing your life today.


No matter how well you plan, life doesn’t happen exactly how you want it to. When financial questions come up, you need advice from a trusted, independent source. We’ll be here for you.

Interested in setting up appointments or want more information? Call us at 804.855.2500 or send us an email.

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