For Parents

University of Virginia

When it comes to college, how you pay is as important as what you pay.  Every family is different, and your college funding plan will reflect that. We’ll guide you every step of the way to be sure you are reducing your college costs as much as possible. Our College Companion Package will provide you with the help your family needs to successfully pay for college.

Whether you qualify for need-based aid or not, you want to be sure you are getting every dollar of aid possible.  Based on your goals and your resources, we’ll put together a cash flow plan for college so you know where the money will come from. We will help you with understanding how financial aid works, share strategies for maximizing your aid, assist with financial aid forms, review your award packages and help you appeal when appropriate – and then do it again next year.  We’ll be here to help with questions about tax benefits, 529 plans, and grandparent contributions.

We want your student to be involved too, even when communication with teenagers can be challenging. We fix that with our Peer and a Parent approach.  We know students prefer advice from peers, and that’s how we deliver it.

If your family has been impacted by divorce, has children with special needs, or has been homeschooling we can help you with college funding advice for your specific situation.