University of Virginia

Room and Board Refunds

Last update: March 30, 2020

Here’s the latest information from college websites on their policy on room and board refunds for spring 2020. All information comes direct from the college websites, so if you have questions, please direct those questions to the individual school.

Christopher Newport

Will there be housing refunds?

We are aware of your concern and Christopher Newport will do all it can to determine a fair resolution. At the moment the University is focused on making sure everyone in our community is healthy and safe and resuming classes. As soon as the University can, a plan will be developed and we will communicate that to you quickly.

George Mason

The university is committed to refunding money to students for housing, dining and parking. We are working out the details and will get more information to you soon.

James Madison

Students will receive a refund for housing and/or dining. Information on these refunds and/or credits is forthcoming, and we appreciate your patience as we evaluate financial obligations.


What about refunds for housing or dining?

Housing & Dining: Students who live on campus or in Longwood-managed housing and have a meal plan will each be paid a refund of $1,000.

Just Dining: If you don’t live in Longwood-managed housing but have a meal plan for the spring semester, you will be paid a refund of $300.

These refunds will be paid in two installments. The first half of the total will be mailed to your permanent address in the next 30 days. The second half will be mailed in July.


Mary Washington

UMW intends to give a credit or refund for housing and dining. However, we ask for your patience as we determine the appropriate amount of credit or refund for each student. With many of our employees working remotely and the variety of meal plans and housing fees to consider, this will take a little time to analyze.

Norfolk State

All students who are affected by the closure of on-campus housing will be issued pro-rated refunds for unused housing and meal plan fees. Any refunds will be subject to Federal Aid and Title IV guidelines and will vary depending on unpaid balances or other charges.

If eligible for a pro-rated refund, students will have the option to receive the refund this semester or have it applied to their account to be used for future semesters.

Old Dominion

The University intends to issue a credit or refund to students for room and board. We ask for your patience as we work through this process and determine the appropriate amount. More information will follow.


Also, the University will provide credits and/or refunds for housing and unused dining plans. Direct communication will be sent to students with housing and dining plans by noon on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. The communication will detail the process regarding next steps.

Due to the continued delivery of courses in a modified platform, tuition and fees will not be reimbursed. Students who are unable to complete required clinical and/or other field placements will be provided the opportunity to complete those requirements at a later date and as soon as possible given the global health pandemic. Please contact your academic college and department or school for additional information.

University of Virginia

We will provide pro-rated credits to student accounts for on-Grounds housing and UVA dining contracts.

We will send additional information on the mechanics of this process in a later communication, but students will have the ability to either request a refund or allow the credit to remain on their student account to apply to future bills.

As long as students remain enrolled through the end of the spring semester, financial aid will not be impacted.

UVA College at Wise

Since students won’t be residing in residence halls or eating in the cafeteria, will there be any sort of financial adjustment for room and board during this time period?

We will provide pro-rated credits to student accounts for Housing and Dining contracts. We will send additional information on the mechanics of this process in a later communication outlining the process for the credit to remain on their student account to apply to future bills. As long as students remain enrolled through the end of the spring semester, financial aid will not be impacted.

Virginia Commonwealth University 

VCU will be issuing refunds/credits for housing and dining. Information regarding refunds/credits to your student account will be communicated to students by April 9. Given the circumstances, the payment plan due date originally scheduled for April 9 will be postponed to May 4, and the May 2 due date will be postponed to May 26.

Virginia Military Institute 

Will the Institute refund a portion of Spring 2020 tuition?  

There are no plans to refund tuition as cadets are currently expected to participate in their classes online and earn full credit for the semester’s work.  Tuition will continue to pay for faculty instruction as well as all costs associated with educational delivery.

Will VMI refund a portion of Spring 2020 Room, Board and/or Other Fees? 

The immediate focus has been protecting the health of cadets, faculty, staff and community.  A working group has been established to review, among many other things, the possibility of offering prorated credits for some expenses, including those related to housing and dining.  It’s very difficult to determine, at this time, how long the current situation will persist, however, we do intend to make these financial decisions as soon as possible and share them accordingly.

Virginia State 

Will students be reimbursed for tuition payments for classes?
Tuition will not be reimbursed since the instruction is still being delivered remotely/online.

Will students be reimbursed for campus housing and food?
Currently, our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff. VSU will closely visit this topic in the near future. At this point, the university intends to credit the student’s account for any unused housing and meals. The university is in the process of calculating the adjustments for each student and will provide additional information at a later date. We will communicate that information via the VSU emails. In addition, we have created a web page for all new information.

Virginia Tech 

Parking Permit Refund:

In support of the university community during the COVID-19 emergency, students that no longer reside in the Blacksburg area and do not need a Virginia Tech parking permit should follow the following procedures to request a refund.

Room and Board:

$1,000 to on-campus students not returning to campus.  For students who return to campus next fall, their remaining dining dollars, flex dollars or commuter cash will be transferred to the fall semester. A full refund on that money will be given for students not returning to Tech.

William & Mary 

The Bursar’s Office will credit the following amounts to student accounts by April 10:

Room: Residential students will receive rebates based on their contracts. Most will receive $1,200; those with longer contracts will receive $1,350. These amounts reflect cost obligations of the university to support our housing facilities and critical personnel.

Meal Plan: W&M will provide rebates to students who have purchased a spring meal plan. The level of rebate will vary based on meal plan after reflecting contractual obligations to Sodexo, our valued campus dining partner. Dining dollar balances as of March 25 will be refunded.

Parking: Students with a 2019-2020 parking decal will receive a rebate of $54. Rebates are adjusted for fixed and direct costs associated with parking services which includes debt service payments, maintenance costs and personnel. Students do not need to surrender their parking decal to receive the rebate.

Averett University

Prorated housing credits will be placed on student accounts for the period of time students are unable to return to their campus housing. These credits will roll over to the next academic year for returning students. If the student will not be living in University housing during fall 2020, the credit will be applied to tuition charges for the next academic year.

Balances of both General Meal Plans and Jut’s Bucks will roll over to the next academic year. The University is waiving all current limitations on the amount that may be rolled over.

Bluefield College

Related to your room, we are not considering reimbursements at this time. Returning home during the time period of online instruction was an optional choice. Bluefield College continues operation of the residence halls. Many, if not all students, who returned home have left personal possessions in your rooms. These items continue to be safely and securely held for you during this time. There are fixed costs related residential, housekeeping, and maintenance staff. Should there be savings from operations, College leadership will evaluate the possibility of a refund/credit. This will be based on a number of variables which will be evaluated one month following the conclusion of the spring semester.

Boarding charges at Bluefield College have many fixed costs, primarily personnel, but we are negotiating with our food provider for a reduction in our monthly bill. With less food being prepared, then less food is needing purchased. We are hopeful these savings in food purchases can be passed back to you as residential students. This too will be evaluated one month following the conclusion of the spring semester.


Bridgewater College

The College will be issuing refunds for residential fees, and we are evaluating and assessing the guidelines for reimbursement. The College will not offer tuition refunds, as instruction and technology support continue.


Eastern Mennonite University

We are in the process of calculating room and board adjustments, now that we know in-person classes will not resume for this semester.


Emory & Henry College

No refund information available

Ferrum College

As such, the College will be implementing the following policy for Room & Board to residential students:

Graduating residential seniors:  A credit will be applied to any outstanding balance on the student’s account, and the remainder will be mailed to the student via check.

All other residential students:  A credit will be applied to any outstanding balance on the student’s account, and the remainder will be credited to Room & Board for next academic year.

How much will this credit be?  The College will provide a prorated credit calculated from the date the College announced it would continue virtual teaching to the last day of the Spring semester (March 24 – May 4), or 42 days for a total of $1,000.

Who will receive this credit?  All residential students who have left campus AND who have informed the Office of Student Life will be eligible to receive the credit.  Students currently on campus must email  and leave campus no later than Sunday, March 29 in order to receive this credit.  Those who are approved to remain on campus, and those who did not contact the Office of Student Life prior to leaving, will not be eligible for the credit.

How will I receive this credit?  Unless you are a graduating senior, you will receive this credit to your student account.

George Washington

For students who will not remain on campus during the instructional continuity period:

You will receive a credit to your student account at the nightly rate of your residence hall unit type for the period in which the university is operating under instructional continuity.

You may request a reimbursement of dining plan funds for the number of days the instructional continuity period lasts. If you paid for a parking permit, you may also request a refund for the number of days the instructional continuity period lasts.

Hampden-Sydney College

No refund information available

Hampton University

No refund information available

Hollins University

Will we be reimbursed for housing and meals?
We are still in discussions involving reimbursement. We will have more details for you hopefully before the end of March.

Liberty University

No refund information available

Mary Baldwin University

If I have left campus or plan to leave, will I be refunded a portion of my room and board fees?

We understand that this is an important question on many people’s minds. Now that we have made the successful transition to online instruction and facilitated the departure or accommodation of residential students, we are turning our attention to this question and will share an update as soon as we are able. Because this process involves accounting for the use of Title IV federal student aid, we have to proceed with care. We thank everyone for their continued patience and understanding in this unprecedented situation.

Randolph College

Within the next few days, we will be sending you more information about refunds

Randolph-Macon College

We will communicate with you about each of these critical issues, and many others, very soon.

Roanoke College

Will there be credits or reimbursement for housing?

Even with these unprecedented conditions, for residential students, we plan to offer credits and refund adjustments. President Maxey and his cabinet are hard at work on making those calculations and will soon inform you about them.

You’ll hear something within the next couple of weeks about the plan, and the credits and refund adjustments will be made before the end of the term. The amount of the credit or refund will be based on the individual student’s circumstances.

Shenandoah University 

Will I receive a refund for my room and board?

Shenandoah University will prorate the residential room and board and commuter meal plans for the spring semester. A credit will appear on your student account and will be used to offset any outstanding balance. You will receive notice when your account has been adjusted and can be viewed on Hornet Hub. If this adjustment results in a credit balance, you will receive additional information concerning your options.

Will I receive a refund for my parking permit?

Credits may be issued depending on when the permit was purchased. Please email to request more information.

Sweet Briar College

Even though the College decided to move to remote teaching and learning after the date when, according to the College’s refund policy, no credit should be issued, these are extraordinary circumstances. As such, Sweet Briar will issue pro-rata room and board credits to all students who comprise our Sweet Briar family.

The Business Office is working towards determining the appropriate pro-rata amount for each student based on the length of time students are away from campus and the meal plan they selected.

A credit will be applied toward students’ accounts when underclass women return in the fall and when seniors successfully graduate.

University of Lynchburg

The University of Lynchburg will provide a 50% credit for room and board for the Spring 2020 semester. Students on the Hornet declining balance meal plan will have their remaining balances credited to their account for use in the fall semester. Although the undergraduate handbook states that refunds will not be granted if there is a recess of classes due to a pandemic, the severity of the current crisis and the hardships placed upon students and families make the provision of an appropriate credit the correct action for the University.

Credits will be issued with the following guidelines:

Continuing students will have the 50% room and board cost credited to their account for Fall 20/21. The existing balance of the Hornet declining balance plan will be pushed to the fall.

Seniors will have the 50% room and board cost credited to their account, and will receive a refund for any positive balance on their account after May 18, 2020. Existing Hornet meal plan balances will be part of the credit to their accounts.

Students transferring or withdrawing from the institution after the Spring 2020 semester will be able to receive a refund for any positive balance on their account after May 18, 2020.

The processing of credits or refunds will not occur until after May 18 or until the student accounts staff is able to return to campus, whichever is later. The University of Lynchburg will follow state and federal guidelines relative to gatherings and temporary business closures related to COVID-19, in order to protect its staff, the campus community, and the general public. Students should expect that processing the credits will take a few weeks.

Please contact the University’s Business Office at 434.544.8606 or if you have questions about the room and board credit.

University of Richmond

In determining the adjustments for student housing and meal plan charges, the University calculated the time away from campus as constituting 43.75% of the semester. Accordingly, we will be issuing a credit of 43.75% of the Spring semester room rate, adjusted to reflect the pro-rata portion of any University scholarship or grant aid received for the semester. Students living in University housing will receive a minimum credit of $330.

Credits for meal plans will be calculated in two parts. First, students will receive a credit of 43.75% of the portion of the meal plan not attributable to dining dollars, adjusted to reflect the pro-rata portion of University scholarship or grant aid received for the semester. Second, students with dining dollars will be credited for the unused cash balance as of March 25. Students will be credited dollar-for-dollar for the unspent balance — it will not be prorated nor will it be adjusted for University scholarship or grant aid.

In addition to housing and meal charges, students will also be credited for parking and graduation fees. Students holding University parking permits will be credited for 43.75% of the cost allocable to the Spring semester. For those students who applied to graduate in May, your graduation fees will be fully credited to you.

Virginia Union University

At this time, student refunds will be processed only for undergraduate and graduate students who have paid all tuition and fees and have student account credit balances as a result of federal or private student aid. The university is developing a strategy on prorating room and board charges for the spring semester. All undergraduate and graduate students eligible for refunds will receive a secure communication from Financial Aid to provide electronic transfer information.

Virginia Wesleyan University

Information will also be forthcoming regarding a prorated student account credit for room and board for those who do not return to campus housing.

Washington and Lee

The University recognizes that this decision has financial consequences for students and their families. In determining account adjustments, the University has calculated the time away from campus as 30% of the year. Therefore, we will be issuing a credit of 30% of the annual room rate for university housing ($2,346) for all students who were in university housing for the Winter Term except those who received a waiver to remain on campus this spring. For this small group of students, accounts will be credited based on the date on which they are able to leave campus.

Students with a meal plan will receive a credit of 30% on the portion of the plan that is not flex dollars. For meal plans with flex dollars embedded, we will refund the full balance of the unused flex dollars. As an example, for a full meal plan, the adjustment will be $1,972.50 plus any unused portion of the $450 flex dollars in that plan.

Students who have received a waiver to remain in university housing this spring and students who remain in Lexington and register to take meals at the University will not receive this initial credit. However, they will be eligible for an account credit at the time that they are able to leave university housing or rescind their registration to take meals on campus.