University of Virginia

UVA Differential Tuition

The McIntire School of Commerce at UVA will cost $4,000 more per year than other undergraduate programs in 2012-13.  This extra charge is known as “differential tuition” and will apply to in-state and out of state students alike.  This extra charge will increase the cost of attendance by a like amount, bringing the COA for McIntire students to close to $30,000 per year.

For families with Virginia Prepaid 529 plans (VPEP) who thought they had tuition and fees covered, think again.  This differential is not covered by VPEP, according to UVA.  You will want to budget accordingly.  This is not an isolated occurrence either; the concept of different tuition rates for different course work is growing among community colleges and public institutions.  Parents, if your son or daughter is interested in a specialized area of study (like business, engineering, or nursing), be sure what the college charges for all four years so you can plan ahead.