University of Virginia

Tough Job Prospects – Plus a Surprise

The stories abound about the dim job prospects facing college graduates.   Here are a few quotes:

“Everybody, including college graduates, needs to learn to adjust their expectations in line with reality. We are in the middle of a global financial crisis, which means individuals have to make sacrifices. As for college graduates who are looking for first jobs, they should settle for whatever they can find for now and switch to a better one when the economy recovers.”

“Take some graduates with a bachelor’s degree for example. They don’t have the physical strength of migrant laborers or the practical skills mastered by vocational high school graduates. If they only want to land a good job, they might stay out of the labor market and continue to live indefinitely on allowances from their parents.”

Sound about right?  Here’s the surprise…those articles are from China.  It seems we’ve exported not only KFC but also College Graduate Unemployment Angst.  It’s a worldwide problem.  Students should not incur a large amount of student debt with the hopes of paying it off with high paying jobs.