University of Virginia

Shocking report about Virginia colleges

Most parents don’t really know what is going on during four years of college.  We know what it costs, certainly, but beyond that, we only hear what is reported through the filter of our young adults.  We don’t see the opportunities not taken, the courses not offered, the ability of the teachers to connect.  Not that we necessarily should; our kids are on the road to adulthood and are those things really our job?

So when you read the report issued by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, you will be shocked.

  • Over 33% of Virginia schools do not require math.
  • No Virginia schools require a course in economics.
  • Only two schools require a basic course (one) in American history or government.
  • The notion of a core curriculum as fundamental is only lip service.
  • At 22 of the 39 colleges, less than 50% of students graduate in 4 years.
  • At 17 of 39 schools, tuition and fess (notice this excludes room and board and living costs) now represent more than 40% of the median household income.
  • Facilities are significantly underutilized in terms of hours of average weekly use.
  • Most colleges require all sorts of testing of students before they are admitted.  Only a small handful of Virginia schools participate in any sort of academic accountability program once the students are enrolled.

Parents and students, are you getting what you are paying for?