University of Virginia

Save Money on Your Textbooks

If you don’t have your textbooks for this upcoming semester, you still have time to get them and save money too. Here is the short version of how to do just that:

First, get the ISBNs of the books you need. How do you do that? You should have that information from registration, but if you don’t, call the student bookstore at your school and ask them what the books are for your classes, ask the ISBNs and how much the bookstore charges. (The author and title are not always enough information to be sure you get the correct editions.)

Second, go to Amazon Textbooks and then and search by ISBN. [ can also be a good resource.]

If you want to use Amazon, sign up for Amazon Student using your college email and you can get free two-day shipping for six months. You won’t believe how convenient that will be, not just for these books but for any of the items Amazon sells.

Third, with the pricing information, decide whether you want to

1. Buy new from the bookstore (bad idea)

2. Buy new or used from Amazon (much better) and then trade them in at the end of the semester (fantastic idea)

 3. Rent from Chegg (compare their price to Amazon’s used purchase and then trade-in price)

Fourth, order them and have them shipped to your home now so you get to school and get too busy to be buying books.

Fifth, tell your parents how much money you saved. They’ll appreciate your can do attitude.

Congratulations! If you would like a free worksheet we’ve put together to organize this for you, drop us a note.