University of Virginia

Looking for Scholarships

This is high season for private scholarships!  Please search the CFG ScholarBank and make note of any you wish to apply for.  Two things to keep in mind:  First, you will see deadlines listed, some of which might be 2012.  Don’t be discouraged, that generally means that the scholarship will be offered with a similar deadline in 2013.  The best way to check is to follow the link for additional information.  If you still are not sure, drop us a note.

Second, we’ve added a neat feature to help you keep track of scholarships of interest.  It’s called the Evernote Site Memory Button, and you will see it on each scholarship listing.  Click it and you will get to save that page to your free Evernote account.  Try it, we think you’ll appreciate the simplicity.  Evernote is a great, free tool for organizing your college-oriented projects and information!

Remember, private scholarships can play a role in your college funding plan.  You are already ahead of the game by using the CFG ScholarBank.  Brainstorm and think outside of the box–you’ll be surprised what you find!