University of Virginia

Colleges, Classes and Jobs

What is the thought process behind why you are choosing the schools on your college list?  Many parents and teenagers would say “because I’ll get a good education there” or “because I’ll get a good job after graduation.”  Those sound like good reasons.  Let’s put them to the test.

Where will you get a good education?  The American Council of Trustees and Alumni has a website to help answer that The group examined seven core subject areas to see what schools had stronger core curricula, and what schools offered wider choices that may or may not actually teach the core subject matter.  In Virginia, for example, Christopher Newport University receives a B, University of Richmond gets a C, UVA gets a D.   Do you really want to pay $30,000 for your teenagers to fulfill his history requirement with “Gynecology in the Ancient World” (which is what he could do at Emory University?)

Okay, so maybe they take some fluff classes, who doesn’t?  It’s all about the job anyway and the degree from that “name” school will be worth gold, right?  The Wall Street Journal ran a story this week on the colleges that corporate recruiters love.  The top 3:  Penn State, Texas A&M, Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Before you just assume you know where you can get an education and preparation for a job, take a deeper look at these.