University of Virginia

College Admissions and Facebook

82 percent of college admissions officers reported that their school uses Facebook to recruit students.  That news comes from a survey of admissions officers by Kaplan Test Prep.  So what should you do? Delete your profile?  Maybe, especially if it’s really ridiculous.  Here’s the test question for that:  Do you show your profile to your parents?  If not, why not (and don’t say it’s because you are protecting your friends’ privacy – there’s nothing private about Facebook?) 

By all means, clean things up if you need to.  But do more than that – actually use your Facebook profile to your advantage.  Blog using good writing skills.  Follow the feeds of the schools you apply to.  Join interesting groups.  Post reasonable pictures.  In other words, present yourself well.  Sure, let your true self shine through, be unique.  But don’t continue to think that Facebook is private or that no one ever looks at your profile – they do.

First impressions matter.  Your Facebook page will be part of your first impression.