University of Virginia

Protests and Budget Cuts

March 4th was a National Day of Action for Public Education, designed to draw students to protest planned increases in college tuition. The movement started in California but has found allies all over the country. Georgia is battling a massive budget shortfall and on top of huge layoffs and program cuts, there is talk of a 30+% tuition increase. Sadly these types of stories are becoming more common, as states grapple with the realities of the economy.

Here’s an important tip for students considering public colleges, especially those out of state. Check the state’s finances first! You might know the tuition for your freshman year, but at the rate things are going, your senior year could be significantly different.

It’s not hard to find articles on state finances. Try searching Google News or the Wall Street Journal. Check the local newspapers in the state capital. Do some investigation and it might affect your decision.