University of Virginia

Why apply for scholarships?

The easy answer to that is because you might win! We have a number of tips in our free scholarship newsletters on ways to find and focus on scholarships that you have a higher chance of winning – you can subscribe here.  But there are other reasons to apply as well.

UVa. announced that two juniors won Truman Scholarships. Each will receive $30,000 toward their graduate degrees. Pretty impressive. Listen to this quote from one of the winners:

“Put yourself out there. Try the application process. It’s more informative than you think. Regardless of if you get the scholarship, you will learn something. It’s an incredible experience.” – Lia Cattaneo as quoted in The Cavalier Daily, April 17, 2015

You might not be going for $30,000 today, but neither were these two students when they were younger. Use the scholarship process to practice writing an essay, to do mock interviews, to ask for recommendation letters, to write a resume.  These are all good habits and skills that will last a lifetime.