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How Sandy might affect your college plans

Mom told you to get it done early!

Hurricane Sandy has shut down many businesses, schools, and families up and down the East Coast.  This comes as many students are facing a deadline this Thursday, November 1, that of early application to college.  You might think that students who are so certain of their number one choice would have their applications done early, but you’d be wrong in many cases.  As many as 50% of students wait until the last day, in some cases the last hour, to hit submit.  With no power, are you out of luck this year?

No.  A number of colleges have extended their deadlines, so if you are facing November 1 as a drop-dead date, call the college admissions office and see if they will grant you some leniency.  Here is a sampling of decisions:

UVA will accept applications for early-action through 11:59 p.m. Sunday

University of Maryland has extended the priority deadline of November 1 by an undetermined number of days.

Johns Hopkins has extended the early decision deadline of November 1 by an undetermined number of days.

Washington and Lee offers flexibility with the Early Decision 1 deadline of November 1.  If you will miss the deadline because of Sandy, please contact the school at (540) 458-8710.  Hopefully you have a friend reading this.

Duke has moved its early decision deadline to November 4.

Vanderbilt is offering flexibility for those impacted by Sandy.

Stanford has extended the deadline to 11:50 p.m. Pacific Time (not that you would wait to the last minute) on Monday, November 5.

Yale is also observing a November 5th deadline but says it will only apply to those in the Northeast.

Elon has moved the early decision deadline to November 5th.

Many other schools have made changes so please check with your school directly to verify the current deadline.  Even the above dates and times might change, this is too important to trust to a blog post.  Get on the phone and find out for yourself!

And, as Mom says, please don’t wait ’til the last minute!

Update:  The New York Times has published a more comprehensive list of extensions.  It can be found here.