University of Virginia

Do your kids know what college costs?

Probably not.

According to a Brookings study from December 2014, half of incoming freshmen cannot get within $5,000 of how much their first year of college will cost. Less than one-third can predict within 30% what they are actually paying for college.

If you don’t tell them what college costs, you cannot expect the college to tell them. They are too busying worrying about trigger warnings for “offensive” material and microaggressionsWashington State instructors have reportedly told students that they risk receiving a failing grade for using offensive language. Okay, so what’s offensive? “Male” and “female”.  In one class, students will lose one point every time they say “illegal” alien.

Don’t expect your kids to learn anything about financial responsibility in that environment. You might want to have that conversation yourself. Just be careful what words you use.