University of Virginia

A different way to choose a college

From Forbes:

“When David Walentas finished his Navy ROTC application test in 1955, he had to choose one of about 50 schools he wanted to attend. Going to college “wasn’t anything we even talked about,” he recalls, and to better his odds of getting accepted, he picked a school he thought nobody had heard of—at the end of the alphabetical list.”

His choice? UVa. Because it was at the end of the list!

But boy did it ever work out.

Now, 60+ years later, Mr. Walentas has donated $100 million to UVa, the majority of which will be used for scholarships for first-generation students.

Incredible generosity and a very interesting life story.

The Walentas Scholarships will be available beginning 2022. Early estimates are for 60 undergraduate students to receive awards covering the entire cost. This year’s class at UVa included 500 first-generation students, but the Walentas scholars will be geographically limited to in-state students and those from Rochester, NY and New York City.